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25 weeks 1 day ago @amylross11 Hahaha awww you guyssss ❤️
25 weeks 1 day ago 2/2 of Team Taiwan
25 weeks 1 day ago 1/2 of Team Taiwan
25 weeks 6 days ago And we’re done. 3 shows with 3 amazing audiences. Thank you so much Taiwan. I always leave with beautiful memories… https://t.co/oMJj9B5SHs
26 weeks 3 days ago Thanks for the very warm welcome Taipei Wego Private Bilingual Senior High School!!!
26 weeks 5 days ago #touristintaipei
27 weeks 1 day ago Backstage before the show in Taipei.... Sherry working her magic
27 weeks 3 days ago Thanks @MINI
27 weeks 4 days ago Hey, Taipei! Thanks so much for the beautiful flowers @LinfairRecords
27 weeks 4 days ago RT @HayleyOnline: Hayley arrives in Taiwan for her 3 concert series https://t.co/yajrOPiyv2
28 weeks 1 day ago London in November
29 weeks 3 days ago Parrotsitting 101 / best duet buddy https://t.co/1Yf6G0RQnp
30 weeks 1 day ago @LibbyWA The second one? ;)
30 weeks 2 days ago Ocean & fire....oh & red wine too
31 weeks 1 day ago About last night. @filmmusicholt https://t.co/1iyewsxEvG
31 weeks 1 day ago About last night. @filmmusicholt https://t.co/1iyewsPfUg
31 weeks 4 days ago LA / my happy place https://t.co/F3bZyaWKrd
34 weeks 2 days ago Serious meeting with Tim my MD in a strange little cafe we found. https://t.co/X3LP2IASsD
34 weeks 5 days ago TAIWAN! I'm coming back. This november for 3 shows. Taipei, Taichung & Pingtung! Can't wait to see you. X Tix:… https://t.co/MS5QfLQ57E
35 weeks 4 days ago Just posted a photo https://t.co/OV0Cw1SE8p

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