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18 weeks 2 days ago When you suggest a coffee and your friend suggests a gym class @ Equinox Kensington https://t.co/545FVFGq3k
18 weeks 5 days ago
19 weeks 1 day ago OUT EAST
19 weeks 3 days ago Hoping everyone's ok back home in Christchurch ❤️ #EQNZ
19 weeks 5 days ago What a Legend. Rest In Peace and thank you, Leonard. https://t.co/6WxnTLYYK2
21 weeks 1 day ago P.S. Tix on sale this Friday Nov 4th: https://t.co/nFp32HB1qB ~and you get a 30% discount for first 4 days of sale with this code: FAN25391
21 weeks 1 day ago Come join me in NYC this Dec 1st at @carnegiehall for @TimJanis ' The American Christmas Carol - a concert in aid o… https://t.co/s6gPHuAvZ5
21 weeks 2 days ago happy halloween
22 weeks 6 days ago Thanks for the pic chentail
23 weeks 9 hours ago Day off in Taipei / found some super cute clothes shops / thanks Taiwan
23 weeks 3 days ago Big thanks to my duet buddy - the awesome weibirdmusic - for joining us ✌️️
23 weeks 3 days ago THESE GIRLS
23 weeks 4 days ago THANK YOU, TAICHUNG! ❤️❤️❤️...a magical evening opening the Taichung Arts Festival.... Hope to see you again soon X https://t.co/7DVivlx6fo
23 weeks 4 days ago THANK YOU, TAICHUNG! ❤️❤️❤️...a magical evening opening the Taichung Arts Festival.... Hope to… https://t.co/qOiYq6JKor
23 weeks 6 days ago Mid-song twirl #taichungrehearsal #TAIWAN https://t.co/FcZtoCUnuT
24 weeks 1 day ago Evening, Taiwan!! Can't wait to see you all in Taichung on Saturday for a flower-themed show
24 weeks 2 days ago ...at Fengyuan Stadium! Can't wait. X p.s. it's FREE entry! https://t.co/rC4rbyJ9y3
24 weeks 2 days ago TAIWAN! Hope to see you this Saturday, 15th Oct, at 19:00 in Taichung! I'll be opening the Taichung Arts Festival with a very special show..
24 weeks 5 days ago Back in London for a moment https://t.co/jPHSkTBNEi
24 weeks 6 days ago New beginnings, new songs in LA https://t.co/Bq9bWnoJ76

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