Beijing International Film Festival (video: My Heart Goes On)

28 Apr 2012


Hayley Westenra performed at the concert of the Closing Ceremony of the 2nd International Film Festival in Beijing on Saturday April 28. 2012, live in front of luminaries of the Film Industry from many countries.

Hayley sung My Heart Goes On from Titanic, first made famous by Celine Dion in the film; and in the duet You And Me with the tenor Ding Ye. Hayley tweeted that she returned to London afterwards.. You can see the videos below.

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Good singing, Hayley.

Good singing, Hayley. Comparable to Celine's version. I admit Celine's most recent new version is not as good as her original version.  Hayley's first trial on this song is definitely not bad. Better than the most recent Celine version. But Celine sang it in 1996, that was 16 years ago... you know when people gets above 40s it will be not as good as the original ones.....  just like soccer, Diego Maradona didn't do as good as he was younger at the last few matches of his career... but he is now still a legend, and so is Celine. Therefore I don't really want a direct comparison between Celine's most recent version with Hayley's version.  Hayley's got her youth as advantages..  Hayley will make her own legend.

Excellent performance from

Excellent performance from Hayley, last time I saw Celine perform this track live? she was awful, Hayley is the real deal without the assistance that Celine needs.

Hayley sang pretty well for

Hayley sang pretty well for the "You and Me" song. The "My Heart Will Go On" was a nice try, but it was definitely not as good as Celine's original -- Hayley just couldn't bring up the emotion, the tension in the climax of the song itself compared to Celine. I am a big fan of both Hayley and Celine and I bought all their CD albums however Hayley still needs to improve. Celine is not only good at Pops but also good at classics like "The Prayer". Hayley has improved a lot over the years but still need more time to get better and be more muture on the voice. Just like Celine kept improving all over the years and now becomes one of the best in North America. I believe Hayley has the ability to do so. She's still so young and we will surely be amazed how much she will improve in the next few years.