Classic FM Session & Interview (videos)

12 Jul 2013

Hayley Westenra visited Classic FM in the UK recently and they have now published her interview with John Brunning and two live performances recorded there. These are: Sleep On (music: Paul Mealor, lyrics: Brendan Graham) and Brahms Lullaby; both are accompanied by piano only.

You can see all three videos below.


Video: Hayley Westenra interview on Classic FM
Interviewer: John Brunning 12 July 2013
© Classic FM (10m 05s)

Video: Hayley Westenra's Classic FM Session: Brahms Lullaby
© Classic FM 12 July 2013  (3m 30s)

Video: Hayley Westenra's Classic FM Session: Sleep On
© Classic FM 12 July 2013  (2m 54s)


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