Hayley sings La Califfa on Wedi 7 (S4C Welsh TV)

22 Aug 2011

Hayley Westenra sang La Califfa (written by Ennio Morricone) on S4C the Welsh TV channel. The show is called Wedi 7 (After 7) and was broadcast at 7pm on Monday 22 August 2011. You can watch Hayley's performance below, or watch the short interview before it too, in the second video.

The song can also be found on Hayley's new album Paradiso. If you like it, please buy the album!

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Hayley Westenra - La Califfa
Hayley sings on Wedi 7 (After 7) © S4C


Hayley Westenra - Interview and La Califfa
Hayley's short interview and song: La Califfa on Wedi 7 (After 7) © S4C


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