Hushabye: Hayley interview on BBC Radio 2 (audio)

16 May 2013

Hayley Westenra was interviewed today by Patrick Kielty on BBC Radio 2, which is the most popular radio station in the UK. Hayley's new album Hushabye featured prominently in their discussion, which you can listen to for a few days on the BBC iPlayer or permanently, below.


Audio (High Quality 192kbps: Hayley Westenra on 'Hushabye'
(13m 49s)
© BBC Radio 2 / Decca

Please note that the above is a 20MByte high quality audio file and may be slow to load and play in your browser, especially for anyone outside Europe if the connection is slow. If it won't play, there is an an alternative smaller but lower quality file below.


Audio (Lower Quality 64kbps): Hayley Westenra on 'Hushabye'
(13m 49s)
© BBC Radio 2 / Decca

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