Hushabye International Release Dates

22 Jun 2013


Here is a longer list of release dates for Hushabye as kindly provided by Hayley's management (originally from Decca Records). Everything not highlighted is already released. The list is current but some changes are of course still possible for future releases.

International Release Dates
Country Digital
Australia June 14 June 14
Austria June 17 June 21
Belgium June 14 June 17
China June 17 June 21
Denmark June 17 June 17
France June 17 Digital only
Germany July 19 July 19
Hong Kong June 17 June 21
Hungary June 17 June 17
India June 14 June 14
Indonesia June 14 July 9
Ireland June 14 June 14
Italy June 17 June 18
Japan July 31 July 31
Korea June 17 July 16
Malaysia June 17 June 17
Netherlands June 14 June 14
NZ June 21 June 21
Norway June 17 Digital only
Philippines June 17 June 17
Taiwan June 17 June 28
Thailand June 14 June 20
Singapore June 17 June 17
UK June 17 June 17
USA Aug 27 Aug 27


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