Hushabye UK: all track samples now available

25 May 2013

iTunes have now posted excellent samples of all the tracks on their "UK Deluxe edition" of Hushabye and for your convenience, you can now listen to them all here, at HWI.

When you have listened to them, don't forget to order the album! The UK Deluxe edition can be pre-ordered at iTunes UK and the standard UK edition on CD here at Amazon UK:

The UK release date is 17th June 2013.


Here is the UK track list with samples

Track No.  & Title Preview
1 Pretty Little Horses
2 Hushabye Mountain
3 Dream A Little Dream
4 Sleep On [for Royal Baby]
5 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
6 Go To Sleep
7 Brahms Lullaby
8 Goodnight My Angel
9 All Through The Night
10 Baby Of Mine
11 Hine E Hine
12 When At Night
13 Stay Awake
iTunes De-Luxe edition: extra tracks
14 All I Have To Do Is Dream
15 Bau Bei
16 All Through The Night (Welsh)
Play All iTunes Preview tracks (1 to 16)
Order Hushabye now from Amazon or iTunes! UK Release Date 17 June



Thank you

Thank you very much for your reply! I shall look into which CD is best to get.... Yes, it is very frustrating, I wish they'd just release one CD with all of the songs on it!

Hushabye De-luxe Edition

@ Mary - Not as far as we know, which is disappointing for all of us. A few Countries have variations on the main CD track listing though but depending on where you are, getting them may involve importing. See here for our forum threads listing the different versions:

Hushabye De-luxe Edition

Hello, I'm just wondering if you know if Hayley's De-Luxe version of Hushabye will be released on CD too? I would love the extra songs, but I don't like downloading - unless I have to. Thank you, Mary.