Laura Wright - Agnus Dei - Sound of Strength

27 Jul 2014

Laura Wright has released on Decca a new promotional and somewhat controversial video that is stated to represent the sound of strength, among other things. The song video and explanatory video by Laura as uploaded to Youtube-Vevo by Decca is not available outside the UK but it is necessary for our members outside the UK to see it in order to contribute to the current debate and discussion in our forum at: .


For the purposes of proper review and discussion by our members, it is necessary to view both videos complete, therefore we are providing them here for that purpose only and without download links.


Laura Wright - Agnus Dei promo video [FOR CRITICISM AND REVIEW]
© Decca Records July 2014 (3m 06s)


Laura Wright - What Does Strength Sound Like? Explanation. [FOR CRITICISM AND REVIEW]
© Decca Records July 2014 (1m 38s)


You can join in the CRITICISM AND REVIEW in our forum at:



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