Cricket World Cup: Hayley sings (video)

12 Feb 2015

Hayley performed a marvellous rendition of "You Raise Me Up"  at the opening ceremony of the 2015 World Cup in Christchurch today, at Hagley Park North close to the Hagley Park cricket ground where some of the matches, including the first of the tournament, will be played.

Hayley was backed by the massed choirs of seven Christchurch schools (see below) who sung some fine harmonies during the second verse of the song, which was introduced by a "Maori warrier", the well known Horomona Horo playing blasts on his traditional Maori instrument, the putaatara.

We have asked for the names of the participating schools/choirs and will credit them as and when they are known.

Redcliffs School and 6 others.

Here is the performance; apart from an occasional judder, the video and audio quality is good.

The top version is HD at 720p and 2 Mbps - can be viewed full screen.

If it won't play properly, pause and wait for it to finish loading or play the lower quality version below it.

Hayley Westenra - You Raise Me Up (HD 720p at 2 Mbps) (2m 19s)


Hayley Westenra - You Raise Me Up (500kbps) - low bitrate version (2m 19s)


Here are a few photos and screen captures from the performance...