HWI Website is Re-Launched Today

10 Apr 2010

Welcome to the all-new Hayley Westenra International website!

Today on 10th April 2010 and after 5 months work, we have launched a redesigned and updated version of the HWI website which, together with its forum, has been the main independent gathering place for Hayley fans ever since the year 2003 when it was first established.

By using a modern "Content Management System" we can now, as a team, keep our news about Hayley's professional career and concerts more up to date and more complete than ever before. There are many new features already in place, do take a look around the site, but it doesn't stop there: we are continuing to develop the website and will be adding yet more features in the coming weeks and months.

With a new International album to record and the newly announced Battle of Britain Anniversary tour, the next few months will be a busy and exciting time for Hayley and her fans, including us as we try hard to bring you all the latest news and "Hayley" information as soon as it breaks. We hope you like the site.

Last but not least, today is Hayley's birthday, so from all of us to you, Hayley, we wish you a very happy birthday!

To add your own birthday wishes or just read the greetings, you can visit the HWI forum, where many of our members have already done so: The HWI Forum

Dave Ludlow
HWI Site and Forum Admin
10 April 2010