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5 May 2010

Hayley was interviewed by Nicola Jarvis at Here's an extract from the interview:

Hayley Westenra Interview May 2010 is delighted to have the chance to catch up with multi-million album selling songbird Hayley Westenra again.  She spares us her precious time to fill us in on her upcoming UK tour and her anticipated latest album which she is not allowed to tell us about...


What have you been up to in 2010 so far?
I was in New Zealand until mid-February and then started working on my new album which will be released internationally later on in the year.  I've still got to get to the recording studio.  Fingers crossed that all will go to plan and I'll have the album out in November.

How is the latest album coming along?
I was supposed to be recording this month but now it's been pushed back to June.  I... I... I have to keep it under wraps! [laughs] It's been a while since I last released a proper international album.  I'm really excited about the music because ... erm ... [at this point she is really struggling with what to say] I'm... I'm just really excited about it! [laughs]  I just hope people will enjoy it once it's all finished!

Which direction are you taking this album? Is it classical or is it something else... ?
I haven't gone rock or anything!  It's still very much a Hayley album and I feel it's being true to myself; in terms of the sound, the vibe - I don't think there's any chance that the album will shock anyone!  There's a little twist to the album, I guess, that will hopefully please people.

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