Hayley Westenra's Promise to Christchurch

7 Mar 2011

Hayley Westenra's Promise to Christchurch

Hayley Westenra's promise to her home town ...

Hayley Westenra has promised to do all she can to help the people in her home town of Christchurch.

With her family and many friends still residing in Christchurch, the earthquake has deeply affected Hayley on a personal level. Hayley had returned to London from Christchurch just hours before the earthquake struck and was unable to contact her family for some time. Fortunately her family were not harmed, but her father's central city office building was destroyed.

Hayley has already expressed her sympathies from London, but the tragic events in Christchurch have weighed heavily on her heart since last Tuesday's earthquake and she is now in the process of clearing her schedule in order to help those affected.

Hayley was to embark on a national tour of New Zealand later this year but she has now decided to postpone that tour in favour of putting on a fundraising show in Auckland with all proceeds going to earthquake relief.

Hayley also plans to put on a free concert for her fellow Cantabrians. She is in shock over the devastation the earthquake has caused in her home town and will show her love and support by putting on a free concert as soon as a suitable venue becomes available.

Hayley would have been here to make the announcement herself, but she was committed to performing the New Zealand National anthem at the Westminster Cathedral memorial service which took place in London on Wednesday.

Hayley says, "As a Christchurch girl I am still in shock about what has happened to my beautiful home town. My heart breaks just thinking about those who have lost their lives and the families and friends that are now suffering. I may be a long way from home, but I still maintain the strongest bond imaginable with my home town and people. Putting on these concerts is the best way I know to help - it's my way of giving back to the city that means so much to me."

Hayley plans to return to New Zealand in the next few weeks to personally oversee the preparations for these events. In the meantime her message is clear; she wants the people of Christchurch to know she is standing beside them during this challenging time and she will do all she can to help.

Hayley's manager, Brian Lane, arrived in New Zealand yesterday specifically to begin arrangements for both shows, and he is also in talks regarding a worldwide charity single with Universal Music. Final details are yet to be confirmed but one thing is certain, all of Hayley's proceeds from the single and the shows will go directly to Christchurch's earthquake relief efforts.

Brian says, "As Hayley's manager I have an obligation to help her realise her priorities, and right now there is only one priority - that is helping the people of Christchurch. That's why I'm here."

Full details of the Auckland fundraising show, the free concert in Christchurch, and the charity single will be made available to media as soon as they are confirmed.

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