Hayley's UK Local Radio dates - August 2011

20 Aug 2011

Hayley is currently scheduled to appear 'live' (in person or in a remote studio) on UK local or regional radio stations to promote Paradiso, as below.

You can listen to selected interviews and songs below.

Many thanks to Hayley's management Bandana for the information.



Monday 22 August

2:00pm BBC Radio Wales (Roy Noble - click for audio below)
6:30pm BBC Radio WM - click for "I Knew I Loved You" audio below

Tuesday 23 August

9:30am Cheshire's Silk 106.9
11am to 1pm BBC Radio Lancashire (Sally Naden)
2:30pm BBC Radio Merseyside

Wednesday 24 August

3:00pm BBC Radio Sheffield - click for "Amália Por Amor" audio below
3:30pm BBC Radio Ulster
7:20pm HFM Radio (Drive Time with Richard Oliff)

Thursday 25 August

10:10am BBC Radio Northampton
12:30pm Marlow FM

2:00pm BBC Radio Derby (Andy Potter - updated)

Monday 29 August

10:00pm BBC Radio London (Jo Goods) - updated


All times are approximate and could change. We will update this schedule with any known changes and as we discover additional local radio dates and details - this is unlikely to be the final list! You can join in the discussion about this here in the HWI forum. You can listen to selected interviews and songs below.


Hayley Westenra on 'Roy Noble' © BBC Radio Wales (19m 22s)


Hayley Westenra sings "I Knew I Loved You"
Paul Franks Show - © BBC WM (2m 45s)


Hayley Westenra sings "Amália Por Amor" (excerpt)
Paulette Edwards Show - © BBC Radio Sheffield (1m 8s)