New HWI website - start of development

6 Nov 2009


The existing HWI website (or more accurately, series of websites) has over the years since the 2003 launch, gradually become too complex to maintain effectively and I've known for some time that a fresh start using a more modern design is needed. For a site depending entirely on unpaid fans, the choices were limited to whatever systems and software are available free and without copyright restriction on the web.


When I first looked at this a couple of years ago, none of the free "open source" systems developed by web communities were good enough to meet all our needs, including the ability of  staff who are not trained in website development to update and maintain a new site. Since then, things have improved and my own knowledge has increased,  to the point where I think it is now practicable to develop the kind of modern website that we need. I have concluded that now, the best way forward will be to base it on the 'Drupal' open-source Content Management System (CMS) and I will start the development immediately; I hope that it can go "live" some time in the first half of 2010.


The new version of the site will include enhanced features such as the ability of several staff members to upload and edit content, front-page summaries of recent news, and a front page list of forthcoming concerts and other events in which Hayley is involved. There will be a video gallery at the outset, and as soon as possible, photo galleries and several other features will be added - including complete access by direct links to the original HWI websites from 2003 onwards. These include content starting in 1996 and all of it will be kept archived, and permanently available to view via an index page on the new site.


After the initial launch, we will continue to add  further enhancements during the course of the year.



HWI Admin.

 6 November 2009.