Hayley's Interview on US National Public Radio (audio)

10 Oct 2011

Artist Hayley Westenra performs in San Diego. (AP)Hayley Westenra was interviewed recently while in New York NY for NPR station WBUR, Boston. The broadcast on Monday this week was heard on 178 National Public Radio affiliated stations and resulted in a big boost in the Amazon rankings of Hayley's new album Paradiso, as high as #32 at one point and #2 in their classical section. Many thanks to forum member Libby for this information and the statistic! The interviewer is Robin Young and  the programme Here and Now.

You can read the report from the WBUR website and listen to the interview below.



Audio: Hayley Westenra on 'Here and Now' © WBUR Boston (8m 56s)


Monday, October 10, 2011  WBUR Boston 

Soprano Hayley Westenra Teams Up With Film Maestro
Ennio Morricone

Hayley Westenra has been performing for over a decade since she was signed to a professional recording contract at the age of 13 in her native New Zealand.

Her debut album “Pure” was a bestseller around the world. Now the 24 year-old soprano has teamed up with 82 year-old Ennio Morricone, the legendary composer of soundtracks to such films as “Cinema Paradiso,” “The Mission” and “Once Upon A Time In the West.”

All of the songs on Westenra’s new album “Paradiso” were composed, orchestrated and conducted by Morricone.

Hayley Westenra tells us that working with Morricone encouraged her to dig more deeply into the music than she thought she could go and that unlike other orchestra leaders she worked with, Morricone saw her voice as another instrument, part of, rather than leading the orchestra.

Artist Hayley Westenra performs in San Diego. (AP)

Artist Hayley Westenra performs in San Diego. (AP)



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