Hayley Interview on KITC-FM (audio)

10 Oct 2012

Listen to our recording of the Interview here
or scroll down the page.

TODAY, October 10

Radio station KITC-FM features Hayley Westenra in a LIVE one-hour special broadcast!

The show, sponsored by HWI, will spotlight Hayley's songs and air an exclusive interview with Hayley taped last week.

We will have a listening party here on the forum... post and chat during the broadcast!

Listen to KITC live!
Internet-> http://www.kitcfm.com/live-radio.html
Radio -> over the air at 106.5 FM, Gilchrist, Oregon
iPhone/iPad -> Tune-In Radio App

The one-hour special begins at:
* USA West Coast (Seattle) 5 PM PDT
* USA East Coast (New York) 8 PM EDT
* United Kingdom (London) 1 AM BST (Oct. 11)
* Hong Kong 8 AM HKT (Oct. 11)
* Australia East Coast (Brisbane) 10 AM EST (Oct. 11)

Special thanks to Hayley, Bandana Management, Pat and Becky from KITC, and my fellow HWI admin Dave for making my dream into reality... Joe


Audio: Hayley Westenra interview on kitc-fm' © KITC FM (42m 13s)

We have shortened the songs for this recording but they were broadcast in full.


We made Hayley's interview available on this page shortly after the broadcast, many thanks to Joe for organizing it with KITC-FM, it is a "first" for HWI.  You can comment below or discuss it here in the forum.