Hayley's 2006 Christmas Concert

5 Jan 2013

Hayley Westenra & Howell's School Choirs: Christmas Presence concert 2006 ITV1 22 Dec 2006 - 39m 51s

As a Twelfth Night special we are today posting highlights of Hayley's marvellous Christmas Presence concert from the Wales Millennium Centre on 9 December 2006. This was broadcast on ITV1 Wales on December 22 that year and to the best of our knowledge, has never been made commercially available. As this is now unlikely to happen, we present it here for the historical record.

We have previously uploaded to our Youtube channel at various times seven of Hayley's individual songs from the broadcast but now, for the first time, you can see all of them together including six additional songs (not all by Hayley) to preserve the overall flavour of the concert.

Occasional sound imperfections are from the original recording and may have originated at the concert hall (issues were reported by an HWI member who attended the concert).

Initially, this 40 minute concert video will be viewable only via this page on the HWI website, or by sharing the direct Youtube link.

Video Details

1. Tokens of Love [Specially Commissioned] - Howell's School Senior Choir
2. Mary Did You Know - Hayley Westenra
3. Gabriel's Message - Hayley Westenra
4. O Holy Night - Hayley Westenra
5. Someone In My Memory [from Home Alone] - Howell's School Senior Choir
6. Ave Maria [Schubert] - Hayley Westenra
7. Short Interview
8. Chestnuts Roasting In An Open Fire - Hayley Westenra
9. Silent Night - Hayley Westenra
10. Away In A Manger -  Hayley Westenra & Howell's School Junior Choir
11. The Prayer - Hayley Westenra & Howell's School Senior Choir
12. Twelve Days of Christmas [abridged] - Howell's School Senior Choir (with Presenter & Hayley)
13. White Christmas - Hayley Westenra (with choir & audience)
14. We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Choir, Hayley and all.

Presenter - Jonathan Hill
Christmas Presence Orchestra
39m 51s.



Edited down by HWI from the edited highlights broadcast on ITV1 Wales in December 2006. Recorded at the Wales Millennium Centre on 9 December 2006.

Upscaled HD is to maintain quality - the original is from standard definition TV. Sound issues were present on the original recording of the broadcast. Never commercially available... Dave

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