A Conversation With Hayley (2004 archives)

28 Feb 2013

From deep in the HWI archives and as requested by members recently,  this is a half hour in-depth interview with Hayley conducted and recorded by Gary Scovil in Boston MA., in 2004. Below is a link to the original announcement as posted by the HWI forum's founder and website co-founder, the late Keith Sheel R.I.P.

With many thanks to Gary for his hard work on this and relaxed presentation, we now present the complete interview which is currently available here on the HWI website, in the 2004 archives, or via a direct link to this video on our Youtube  channel (currently, you need to know the link so click-through to Youtube to find it).

A Conversation With Hayley Westenra (Boston MA., 2004)
© Gary Scovil 2004: made exclusively for HWI (31m 20s)

I have removed the original intro and end-titles music due to Youtube's content identification system that otherwise grabs the video copyright, which is not acceptable.

© Gary Scovil 2004 exclusively for Hayley Westenra International (HWI).

Next, we have the short bonus video of Gary's presentation to Hayley after the main interview of a gift from HWI.

[Bonus clip] A Conversation With Hayley Westenra (Boston MA., 2004)
© Gary Scovil 2004: made exclusively for HWI (3m 51s)

Keith' Sheel's original forum announcement is at: http://hwi.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=Media&action=display&thread=4318 and there is a copy of it below.

« Thread Started on 24 Dec, 2004, 20:15 »

Hi folks,

I am very pleased to announce the availability of an extra special Christmas gift to all Hayley fans.

At Hayley Westenra International there is an exclusive interview, called "A Conversation With Hayley Westenra - and Gary Scovil".

This is an exclusive interview made for HWI, which is a must-see for all. It comes as a single video of 36.44Mb and duration of 31 minutes 19 seconds or, you can download it in three segments.

Part 1 is 16.24Mb and duration 9 minutes 49 seconds.
Part 2 is 17.70Mb and duration 10 minutes 36 seconds.
Part 3 is 17.78Mb and duration 10 minutes 53 seconds.

Please take a look at it, I am sure you will enjoy it.

On behalf of the entire team at HWI, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.