HWI is 10 years old!

24 May 2013

Today, 24th May 2013, we at HWI are delighted to celebrate ten years of supporting Hayley!

It is indeed ten years ago today that the HWI website was launched. We have the founders Simon Smalley and Keith Sheel to thank for that, but sadly neither of them lived to celebrate with us today. We shall always be in their debt.

If anyone wishes to know more about the history of HWI, all is revealed on our "About" page which can be found here:


Although the website was updated to a more modern format a few years ago, we shall always maintain a complete archive of the original website and a full set of links to it can be found here:


Many thanks to Joe, Richard, all our other staff both now and over the last ten years for their support,  to all our forum members who continue to keep us going, and most importantly of all, to Hayley Westenra herself for continuing to delight us with her magic! Without them there would be no HWI  to continue our ten years of support for Hayley... and beyond!


There is a discussion thread about our tenth anniversary here in the HWI forum, or you can comment below.


Finally, here is a blast from the past; the earliest HWI web pages that we can find - the main "splash" page from the launch day itself, followed by the main index page for 2003 (updated to December 2003).