Hushabye Interviews in NZ (audio/video)

18 Jul 2013

Hayley Westenra has been promoting Hushabye in a series of interviews for NZ TV and radio over the last few days and you can now see or hear them below.


Many thanks to Ross Richard and other members of our forum for seeking them out.



Video: Hayley Westenra on TVNZ One: Good Morning
(5m 38s) 26 July 2013


Video: Hayley Westenra on TVNZ One News: Breakfast
(6m 54s) 14 July 2013


Video: Hayley Westenra on More FM Radio show: Marc Hayley & Stu
(8m 20s) 17 July 2013
© More FM Radio


Audio: Hayley Westenra on Classic Hits Auckland: Jace & Stace podcast
(8m 05s) 15 July 2013
© Classic Hits Radio

Classic Hits Radio: Jace Hayley and Stace


Audio: Hayley Westenra on Radio NZ: Eight Months To Mars
(32m 59s) 15 July 2013
© Radio NZ (Hayley is introduced after two minutes)
A kind of interplanetary Desert Island Discs without the music


Audio: Hayley Westenra on ZM Radio: Polly and Grant Show
(5m 48s) 15 July 2013
© ZM Radio


CAUTION: if you dislike over-familiar interviewers, this may not be for you!
Audio: Hayley Westenra on The Edge Radio: Jay-Jay Mike & Dom
(6m 50s) 18 July 2013
© The Edge Radio


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