Music Week: Westenra's Way To Paradise

28 Jul 2011

The UK music industry magazine Music Week is this week carrying a four page spread entitled Westenra's Way To Paradise which contains a profile of Hayley and her ten years as a professional recording artist, including new details about her  album Paradiso and her future plans. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 2011 is Hayley's 10th year as a professional recording artist and she is still only 24 years of age
  • Hayley's new album Paradiso (a collaboration with Maestro Ennio Morricone) is set for UK release on August 29
  • Hayley has worked on Maori, French, Japanese and Italian versions of the album
  • Paradiso will also be promoted in continental Europe, including Germany, France and Scandinavia
  • Hayley will be the 'voice' of ITV's Rugby World Cup coverage in the UK starting in September (read more... )
  • World In Union, the theme song of the Rugby World Cup, has been recorded in Maori and English by Hayley, for ITV (read more... )
  • As part of a World tour, Hayley will hold a 'Quake Aid' charity concert in November in support of the Christchurch Earthquake

To read the Music Week profile of Hayley in full, you can click on the thumbnails below,  you can comment below, or to discuss it you can visit the HWI forum here.

This article is also currently online for all to read here at Music Week (but you may be limited in how many times you can read it there).