Hayley's new lullaby for the royal baby

6 May 2013

Hushabye Album Cover           Sleep On lullaby from the album (official video)

We have more exciting news today about Hayley's new album Hushabye, and one track in particular called Sleep On [clip below]. It was written by Paul Mealor (music) and Brendan Graham (lyrics) for Hayley to sing in honour of the eagerly anticipated baby of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, expected in July.

The following report is from today's Telegraph newspaper and this news is already widespread throughout the UK media.


UPDATE 9 May [audio clip] - full track at the top of the page

John Suchet on Classic FM played the World premiere of this wonderful song just after 11:30 BST on 9th May 2013. Here is the relevant part of the show except that we must shorten the song itself; it was played in full on the show. You can listen to it in full here at Classic FM for a few days after 9th. May (3 minutes in). Scroll down this page for the lyrics.

Audio: Hayley Westenra - Sleep On
Clip & presenter's introduction
© Decca/Classic FM 9 May 2013 (2m 07s)

We have had to shorten the song for this recording but it was broadcast in full.


Royal Wedding composer pens lullaby for William and Kate's baby

A composer whose work was chosen for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has written a lullaby for the couple’s baby, it emerged today.

Welsh composer Paul Mealor, whose work has been chosen for the royal wedding service
Welsh composer Paul Mealor has written a lullaby for the royal baby Photo: Jillian Christie. Supplied by PA

Paul Mealor said he has written Sleep On because it seemed a natural progression to accompany their next stage of married life.

The song is sung by classical star Hayley Westenra, who has included it on a new album of lullabies that has been sent to the couple to help them through any sleepless nights with their new arrival, due in July. She has dedicated the album to the royal baby.

Mealor's Ubi Caritas - his most famous work - which was chosen for the Royal Wedding, was regarded as one of the musical highlights.

It is not known why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose the little-known Welsh composer but it is believed that Ubi caritas, which premiered last Autumn at St Andrew’s University, where the royal couple met, held some sway. He also hails from Anglesey, where they currently reside.

The 37-year-old, who also wrote the chart-topping Wherever You Are for the Military Wives choir, said: "After writing music for the Royal Wedding it seemed natural to provide the musical accompaniment for the next stage of the royal couple's journey together."

Westenra's new album, called Hushabye, is designed to calm parents and children alike with calming tunes such as Hushabye Mountain and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and is released in June.

Westenra, who has performed for the Prince of Wales, said: "Paul and I got together to work on a song called Sleep On in honour of William and Kate's new arrival as it's such a joyous occasion which we can all celebrate."


UPDATED 29 June 2013

The Telegraph revealed the lyrics to Sleep On on 7 May 2013, see below. Hushabye producer Jon Cohen has revealed to HWI in our forum that the lyrics were written by Brendan Graham, who famously penned the lyrics to You Raise Me Up. We were advised in June by Grainne MagFhloinn, daughter of Brendan Graham, that the Telegraph version of the lyrics contained errors and so we have replaced them below (and elsewhere) by the official lyric that Grainne kindly sent to us.

Sleep On

The  world out there -
The  heavens all - to sleep,
And  I am here,
A watch with you to keep.

Sleep  on...sleep on...sleep de-ep and sleep strong,
Sleep on... sleep on...the road of life is long:
I whisper a prayer, may your path be clear...
Sleep on.

May you be wise,
In  answer to your call,
May you still  rise,
If ever you  should fall.

Sleep  on...sleep on... sleep de-ep and  sleep strong,
Sleep on...sleep on...the road of life is long:
I whisper a prayer,  may your path be clear...
Sleep on...
Sleep on...sleep on!

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