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9 Aug 2011 Rugby World Cup 2011: Hayley sings!
5 Aug 2011 HWI marks Hayley's decade in the music industry
31 Jul 2011 Hayley on Songs of Praise
28 Jul 2011 Music Week: Westenra's Way To Paradise
28 Jul 2011 Rugby World Cup 2011: Hayley the voice of ITV
22 Jul 2011 Hayley on Friday Night Is Music Night - BBC Radio 2
17 Jul 2011 Hayley sings on BBC Radio 2 - Weekend Wogan
19 Jun 2011 Hayley visits Australia for the release of Paradiso
10 Jun 2011 Hayley at no. 10 Downing Street!
30 May 2011 Hayley sings 'Pie Jesu' at US National Memorial Day Concert
18 May 2011 New videos released to promote Paradiso
17 May 2011 Paradiso goes "GOLD" in New Zealand
16 May 2011 Hayley tours the Far East supporting Andrea Bocelli
10 May 2011 Paradiso tops the NZ chart & Hayley breaks a record!
8 May 2011 Hayley's Paradiso promo tour in NZ - climbs to no. 3
26 Apr 2011 Paradiso no. 4 at RIANZ, no. 1 at Marbecks
19 Apr 2011 Hayley speaks about her French Romance
13 Apr 2011 Hayley sings 'special' Amazing Grace live on ITV
4 Apr 2011 Hayley's new album 'Paradiso' released NZ 18 April 2011
3 Apr 2011 Hayley in Australian Women's Weekly NZ Edition - April 2011
27 Mar 2011 Hayley's London Eye chat with Steve Allen - LBC radio
27 Mar 2011 Hayley performs at Super Rugby match at Twickenham Stadium
19 Mar 2011 Never mind the heat, this was truly a special day [NZ Herald]
18 Mar 2011 Hayley's Message to HWI
17 Mar 2011 Hayley Westenra returns to a different Christchurch (with video)
13 Mar 2011 Hayley Westenra to attend National Christchurch Memorial Service on 18th March
11 Mar 2011 Hayley gives a private charity performance on the London Eye
7 Mar 2011 Hayley Westenra's Promise to Christchurch
2 Mar 2011 Hayley sings at special service in Westminster Cathedral following Christchurch earthquake
22 Feb 2011 Earthquake Disaster in Christchurch New Zealand
26 Dec 2010 Hayley on Songs of Praise "The Big Sing" (videos)
9 Dec 2010 Classic FM Christmas Appeal Auction - Fly the London Eye with Hayley Westenra
20 Nov 2010 Hayley sings for Children in Need (& Songbird video)
11 Nov 2010 Hayley interviewed on Sky News
9 Nov 2010 Hayley sings at Festival of Remembrance 13 Nov 2010
1 Nov 2010 Concert Review: Kaohsiung Arena 27 October
25 Oct 2010 Hayley sings "Amazing Grace" at Press Conference in Taipei
25 Oct 2010 Hayley features on 10th Anniversary Edition of Karl Jenkins' "The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace"
23 Oct 2010 DVD: Hayley on Tour in Northern Ireland (no longer available)
19 Oct 2010 Hayley Westenra: change of management

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